Meetings from personal account outside of Paid license account cannot schedule resource


If I am a user using a personal account in a zoom room meeting system setup, but this user is not inside of the account in which a zoom room is logged in under, the SSH client will not be able to start the meeting. 

Rather, until the user who booked the meeting resource uses their cell phone to start the meeting, the tablets or ipad cannot start the meeting using the SSH client.

I think this is a valid use case where someone in a company using zoom room is logged into the instant messaging zoom client and they book a room using their business email and outlook resource to schedule a meeting.  

Under the current world we have now, a business must force all users in the company to use zoom room by inviting them all from their paid subscription licensed account so that the zoom room can start the meetings under the sub account.

Dave: To clarify the use case, is this the scenario you are thinking about, and is this the solution:

  • A user logs into Outlook using the employee email account, and can therefore see all the Zoom Room conference room resources in the company, but logs into Zoom using a personal Zoom Account.

  • The user schedules a Zoom meeting in outlook, and books a Zoom Room resource in Outlook. The meeting is created under the user’s personal Zoom account, but uses Zoom Room resources in the company. In this case, the user should enable the “Join Before host” feature:

  • The user can then go to a Zoom Room, and be the first to start the meeting, without having to wait for the Zoom account owner to start the meeting first.


Yes perfect, that is correct.  All of my test accounts I had setup as a subaccount of our zoom room login.  Those work perfectly where the zoom room controller is able to start just fine.

In the case of a personal account of a user who logs in (outside of the account which owns the zoom room logged in licenses) they utilize the internal email resource on their business outlook, but administrators never created accounts for every employee under the zoom room account.

In this case we saw the zoom room sees the meeting and attempts to start it, but the system never responds with a successful IN_MEETING response.  Only when the person starts the meeting on their cell phone and knows they need to start it in the meeting would the zoom room GUI show up with cameras and be physically in a meeting on the ZRC.

I suppose if you are able to accomplish permissions for this without it being a nightmare, it would allow people to use whatever login they want.  Not just ones that administrators setup as proper permissions in the proper account so the zoom room license can start the meeting.