Zoom Rooms API - Use Zoom Room Controls

Hello, I am trying to use the Zoom Room API, More specifically the Zoom Room Controls. I can only get working on “Joining/Creating” Ad Hoc Meetings. If I leave the “meeting_number” (in the request body) blank. It starts a meeting on the client device. However, If I provide a Meeting number it returns that meeting has expired, even though the meeting is most certainly active.

    "code": 3001,
    "message": "Meeting is not found or has expired."

This is the Body of my request

    "params": {

In Addition, Meeting_End, Leave, also do not work while the meeting is in progress. Or Mute for that matter.

I am using postman right now to test.

As for the other commands, Mute, Leave, End, etc… That was on me and duplicating requests in Postman (I failed to update the path/URL). Those all work now.

I am still unable to join a meeting in progress though with the meeting ID.

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Hi @jgaylor ,

This is expected behavior:

Can you please clarify? Is the meeting number active (unexpired) or you mean that the meeting associated with the number is started and happening at the time you are trying to join with the Zoom Room?

Additionally is the Zoom Room able to join the meetings manually (outside of the API method)?

Basically I am unable to join a meeting in progress. I have yet to try (but will) an upcoming meeting.
Is this maybe because the room/account was not invited?

I can however join the meeting in progress manually. (Outside the API)

hi @jgaylor , what were the join setting of the in progress meeting you tried? Could something in the settings be impacting the room?

Doubtful, as I can join “manually”. All the settings look to be lacking in permissions or any type of restrictions.