Zoom Sandbox - troubleshooting Zoom user provisioning from Okta

I am attempting to resolve a Zoom user provisioning issue with Okta. New users are not being provisioned correctly without retrying the Okta task. I have logged a support request with Zoom who asked me to change a few settings:

  1. Create / add an Attribute member for the custom userType of ‘Licensed’. This caused a different error: “You can’t add paid users”
  2. SSO settings, ‘Save SAML response logs on user sign-in’ and toggle the provisioning option to ‘At time of sign-in’.
    These actions have not resolved the issue.

error: Error setting property, appUser=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx property=userType error=[Error in object ‘appUser’: codes [invalidValueTypeForProperty.appUser,invalidValueTypeForProperty]; arguments [userType]; default message [Unsupported data type value for given key]]
Source: Okta Help Center (Lightning)


“Automatic provisioning of user X to app Zoom failed: Error while creating user X: .Errors reported by remote server: You can’t add paid users.”

Can Zoom assist by providing me with a test/dev Zoom instance? For example – test-companyname.zoom.us.
I wish to test account provisioning from Okta to a non-production Zoom instance.

Hi @nickkk ,

Thanks for sharing your troubleshooting! Can you please re-open your support ticket and update there with the errors you’re seeing? Share the account information there as well if you haven’t already done so so Support can better understand the present configuration and where to better assist (for example, if you have an app where you are creating users via API and if yes, how so).


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