Zoom Screen Sharing Recieve problem

why it looking like this i can’t see anything when host shares screen with mobile and i see it on dekstop

Hi @vedangsolaskar2018,

Thanks for the post. What is the SDK version you are using? Could you provide the SDK log for further investigation?


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i am using browser version

Thanks for the reply. Let me forward your post to the right section and one of the experts will help you shortly.

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Hey @vedangsolaskar2018,

Please fill out the post template so we have enough information to assist. :slight_smile:

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When I use Zoom with chrome browser and host is on android then the screen sharing of host’s mobile doesn’t looks properly

I Am Joining With Browser Without Installing Zoom Client

Please fix this issue

thank you

i am joining with pc

Hey @vedangsolaskar2018,

Thanks for the additional details. Can you also share if the Android user who is sharing their screen is using the Web SDK or Zoom App?


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Android User Is Using Zoom App

Any updates??

Hey @vedangsolaskar2018,

Can you try upgrading to the latest version, 1.8.0 and see if that fixes the issue?



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