Zoom SDK Crash in ios swift


crashes when app is in background

implemented these methods in the notification

@objc func controllerwillEnterForeground() {
	@objc func willResignActive() {
		MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService().delegate = nil
	@objc func controllerDidGoesBackground() {

	func joinMeeting() {
		guard let meetingService = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService() else { return }
		meetingService.delegate = self
		let paramDict: [String : Any] = [
			kMeetingParam_Username : "Test",
			kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber : "*******"
		let returnValue = meetingService.joinMeeting(with: paramDict)
		guard returnValue == MobileRTCMeetError_Success else {
			print("Zoom: Join meeting task failed, error code: \(returnValue.rawValue)")
		print("Zoom: Join meeting task completed. \(returnValue.rawValue)")

Hi premium,

Thanks for the post and providing the code snippet. Would you mind filling out the following contents so that we can look into the crashing issue you are facing? I have already filled out some part for you. Besides the contents, could you also provide:

Contents need:

An app that is developed with Swift and using Zoom iOS SDK crashes when the app is in the background(And the meeting is on?).

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