Zoom SDK Customization

So, the zoom SDK in my app is working fine.
However, I had a specific condition in my app which I wanted to apply. So, the user joins the meeting from one java activity in my app but after he leaves the meeting, I want it to start another activity. Can you please confirm the use of zoom SDK and the code for it…?

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  • OS: Android API 5

Hi @RGCoder, thanks for the post.

When the current user has left the meeting successfully, you should see the onMeetingLeaveComplete callback. Please let me know if you are running into any issues with using this callback and I will be happy to help.


Hey thanks for that, it was mostly what I needed.
But still not sure how to implement the method in the meeting.
Please confirm that…
Like I know I should copy the code as a method, but where should I implement the method when the meeting joins??

Hi @RGCoder,

The callback I linked to is a method in the InMeetingServiceListener interface which you would need to implement. You would also need to pass your instance of InMeetingServiceListener into the InMeetingService#addListener method.


Ummm… Sorry for the trouble but I am still not sure…
Whatever you are saying is not getting implemented in my code and it doesn’t match…
Can you give me some sort of GitHub implementation link or video link for this…
The code to reproduce what I have till now:-

SecondActivity.java :-:-:-

private void initializeSdk(Context context) {
        ZoomSDK sdk = ZoomSDK.getInstance();

        ZoomSDKInitParams params = new ZoomSDKInitParams();
        params.appKey = **key**;
        params.appSecret = **SecretKey**;
        params.domain = "zoom.us";
        params.enableLog = true;

        ZoomSDKInitializeListener listener = new ZoomSDKInitializeListener() {
            public void onZoomSDKInitializeResult(int i, int i1) {


            public void onZoomAuthIdentityExpired() {

        sdk.initialize(context, listener, params);

    private void joinMeeting(Context context,String meetingNumber,String meetingPassword,String userName) {
        MeetingService meetingService = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingService();
        JoinMeetingOptions options = new JoinMeetingOptions();
        JoinMeetingParams params = new JoinMeetingParams();
        params.displayName = userName;
        params.meetingNo = meetingNumber;
        params.password = meetingPassword;
        meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(context, params, options);

buttonhelpme.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View v) {
                startActivity(new Intent(MainActivity.this, HelpMeActivity.class));
            }            }

Now where do I implement the rest here so that when the user leaves the meeting or is kicked out by the host, another activity MainActivity.java will be opened?

Hi @RGCoder,

It doesn’t look like you’ve implemented the InMeetingServiceListener interface anywhere in the code you’ve provided. You must implement this interface and create a concrete instance of it to pass into the addListener method. For example, if your listener instance was named inMeetingListener, you could call ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService().addListener(inMeetingListener);.


Thanks for that reply @jon.zoom !!
I am still finding it complicated to connect…
And as I was searching the net on what you gave me…
I found the following thread from 2020 and I think it should work…

I’m however not able to understand how to use this to run if the person has been kicked by the host? Please confirm…

Hi @RGCoder,

Can you please let me know what specifically you need further clarification around?

I found the following thread from 2020 and I think it should work…

This thread seems to be referencing how to implement something within a custom meeting UI. If you are using the default Zoom UI provided by the SDK, it will automatically navigate back to the previous Activity on the stack when exiting.


Thanks for the interesting tips!

I also have the same situation! Thanks for helping with the code! I will try to change this in my project.

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