Zoom_sdk_demo not working

I am trying to use the SDK with C# Windows Visual Studio 2019.
After reading around I have to say there is very little useful information and the one available is either outdated or wrong.

I went to the App Marketplace and I created an SDK App . I clicked download and downloaded Windows C#. I opened the project zoom_sdk_demo and run it. I see a form with 1 text box. There is no information at all what should i type in that text box. but whatever I type in it and click the only button on the form called Auth the form disappears and nothing further happens.

Where can I download a working demo project that actually runs?

By the way I tried to Windows download as well. It doesn’t build at all. There are errors and the project cannot be compiled.

I carefully generated JWT and pasted it onto the text field - still nothing. No error, nothing. The form disappears and that is it.

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