Zoom_sdk_demo not generating authentication return callback

I am experiencing difficulty in running the C# zoom_sdk_demo application (SDK v4.6.21666); specifically I am not receiving an authentication return callback in MainWindow.xaml.cs.

I registered and received my app key and secret from the Zoom developer account web site. When I enter my credentials in the zoom_sdk_demo application window during runtime and press the “Auth” button, the codebase runs the button_auth_Click function (line 51), calls the SDKAuth function (62), then hides the application window. No exceptions are thrown. At this point, I would expect a callback to the onAuthenticationReturn function (line 32) - even if I entered incorrect credentials - but this function is never called.

I am certain I am entering my credentials correctly. I am running Visual Studio 2019 using the x86 configuration. I can also recreate the issue using Visual Studio 2017. I have tried running as an administrator privileges and without. I am running Windows 10 and can recreate this issue on 2 different computers on 2 separate networks.

Can someone please assist?

Thank you.

Hi @jgadzik,

I have just tested our demo app and it is working as expected. Are you building with “Debug” mode or “Release” mode? Our SDK only supports “Release” mode, if you build with “Debug” mode, the issue you are mentioning could happen.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Yes that was it! I clearly missed the instruction where it said to use Release, not Debug. Thank you so much for your speedy, accurate, and helpful reply.

  • Jon

Hi Jon,

Glad to be helpful. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: