[Zoom SDK] Getting mosaiced self video in Windows 10


I’m sometimes getting mosaiced self video when I start a meeting (as shown below). However, back to normal after I quit and restart a meeting. Anyone having the same experience? Please advise.


Would you supply more details?

  1. Doesn’t this happen frequently? Or just happened occasionally only when you start a meeting?
  2. Please tell me your camera device no, device dirvers version.
  3. Please tell me the sdk version.



Hi Wilmer,

Thank you for replying.

  1. Yes, occasionally when a host starts a meeting on Windows 10 (ver. 1803 OS build: 17134.407)
  2. HD Webcam C270
  3. 4.1.30384.1029



Would you send me an email? I’d like to discuss this issue via email because it may involve some of your personal information.

My email address is Wilmer.Sun@zoom.us