Self video doesn't get started inside zoom meeting SDK 2.0.0

I’ve used the zoom meeting sdk inside my project. Apart from the lag in video (audio is fine), there’s a major issue of self video not appearing.

Here’s how you can reproduce:

  1. Participant turns on their video, host is able to see and hear, but, participant can’t see their video (for a long time, or never).when both host and Participant turn on their video the zoom meeting sdk canvas shows participant and host videos.

2.Also we have enabled the shared array buffers in chrome and updated the key inside meta tag

Zoom meeting SDK version : 2.0.0

Additional context
Please, I need an urgent solution, my complete platform depends on this.

Hey @oby ,

Can you please share a screenshot, browser type and browser version?

I am not able to reproduce this issue on any browser, with the SharedArrayBuffer Origin Trial:


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