Zoom SDK integration failed on Andorid app


We have recently upgraded the Android Studio to 3.1.2. and Target SDK Version to 27. on Ubuntu 18.04.

When setting up our project, certain keywords like “compile” became “implementation”

So, our Zoom SDK integration code too changes to:
implementation project(’:zoomcommonlib’)
implementation project(’:zoomsdk’)

But, when we run the project, we are getting the following error message:
“Failed to find byte code for com/box/androidsdk/content/auth/BoxAuthentication$AuthListener”


Sometimes Error comes like "Failed to find byte code for com/facebook/android/Facebook$DialogListener

Without having the Zoom SDK in the project, everything works fine. We also tried Zoom mobileRTC SDK as well, but we are getting the same error.


Hi Dhruv,

Try the below steps and check if it can resolve this issue.

try clean and rebuild the project.

If the problem still persist, remove the .gradle folder inside your project.

Last, if none works, Use File-> Invalidate Caches/Restart… from Android Studio menu.


i have the same problem tried the methods the problem commes in a different name

If you are using Gradle 3.1 or above, please try to change gradle to 3.0 or below and check if this issue still exist.