Zoom Session Attendees Report API not returning all attendees

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Event Attendance Report API Endpoint


I am writing a data integration that uses the Zoom Events API to retrieve session/webinar registrations, attendees and survey results to be consumed in an automated process by our business analytics. I am having issues getting the full list of attendees for an event via the Events APIs.

The results of the Event Attendance Report API is only returning two pages of results even though there were 2,000+ attendees according to the Zoom Analytics for the event/webinar I am using as an example for this support question.

My first request to the endpoint returns a next_page_token, but a second request to the endpoint using that next_page_token does not return a subsequent next_page_token to retrieve further attendee results. This is the case regardless of what I specify for the page_size parameter. For instance, if I specify 200 for page size, I can retrieve only two pages of attendee results (400 total). If I specify the maximum 300 for page size, I can retrieve only two pages of attendee results (600 total).

The problem seems to be that the API is failing to return a next_page_token after the second request for attendee results.


Not functioning properly. After retrieving the second page of attendee report results from the API, the API is not returning a next_page_token to retrieve remaining attendees.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Use a REST client such as Postman to hit the attendee reports api endpoint for the event (via bearer token):


Retrieve a second page of results using the next_page_token provided in the response above.

In the second response payload, note that a next_page_token is not present to retrieve subsequent attendees, though the attendees for the event exceed 2,000.

Thank you,

Albert Hickman

The problem with these types of support forums is that you never are guaranteed an answer or if someone from technical support will even seriously look at your issue. It’s been two days with over 30 views and no responses for what appears to be a pretty straightforward issue related to the Event Attendees Report API.