Zoom Settings from CMD line switches or exe

To sum up what we are looking for, we are writing a windows OS helper app that will be installed on windows 10 devices. This helper app is being used to assist people going back into the office, and sitting in open unassigned seats. A person going into the office on monday will sit at a different desk than the one they use on tuesday.

Each desk has different hardware configurations for monitors, keyboard, mouse, USB webcam etc. The helper app will allow you to quickly select which components to use at the desk. Here is a screenshot.

What we want to do, is launch the Zoom Settings screen, when a person clicks the “Zoom” button. We are hoping we can pass parameters to the Zoom.exe file to launch the settings window, something like “zoom.exe -settings”

The UI is written in Powershell, runs as the user with no admin rights. Is there a recommended way you can provide to launch the settings? We are not using either the API or SDK but if its required can you please send me some examples or documentation on how it could be achieved?


Any update on this please?

Hi @raghu.raja, at this time we do not have any client interfaces which support commands sent to control/launch the Zoom application.

Thank you for letting us know.