Zoom TeleMedicine : Zoom meetings is stopped working on IPAD

Host user is unable to start Telemedicine meeting from IPAD.

When url is open in the chrome browser tab after 2 second tab is automatically closed

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. https://applications.zoom.us/telehealth?org_id=90ANxwvkSvCV8hJcoKnm8g&data=%2BKp6liuqFqxyOhdIGSrn2bw8MDqUfU6LXajxIYxwN77Jza2%2BkYHZ1x6%2BpUPTiXAoAx%2BslHWI%2BMSlMcWCD8KBnFZsUcoejx73Uc97iil%2BDjMD4K%2BNy/QzCcOwzZHQCi9EECWdhjr3sXRsAlt1sTq8h7TyG2Df43anIf1WTJ57HLo=
  2. In IPAD chrome browser when system open this URL (for Host User) in new tab from our application then window is automatically closed after2-3 seconds. open in Window is closed

Screenshots (If applicable)
window is closed automatically.

Additional context
It was working fine before few days . Currently its not working.

Hey @insynctelemedicine,

Do you see the same issue on different devices, or just iPad?



This issue is only happens in IPAD only. I have checked with other devices like Iphone and found that its working fine.

Kindly do the needful asap.

Hi @insynctelemedicine,

We have escalated this issue further, and hope to provide you with a solution soon.

For your reference, the ID for this within our system is ZOOM-144487



When host create the meeting and send invitation to the participant at that time system will generate the link (Invitation) per participant and sent to their emailID and same procedure for the HOST too.

When HOST join the meeting using link which he is received in email or from the EMR system at that time HOST link will open in browser tab.

I was working fine few days back but currently its not working on IPAD only.

Please note that provided link is working fine on all the devices expect IPAD and its happened to the every single meeting not for this single example which I share with you.

Please let us know if any further details are required to resolve this issue.

Hey @insynctelemedicine,

Can you please provide the meeting id so we can look into the logs?

Also please share the error if any, and screenshots.


Please contact Eddie Soliman OPR Michael Purnell OR Ojus Save for understand this issue they will help you and i got my resolution without waiting for one more day to understand this issue.

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Hey @insynctelemedicine,

To confirm, was your issue resolved?


Hey @insynctelemedicine,

Can you please see if it is working now?