iPhone / Chrome zoom tab automatically closes after ~ 2 sec, Zoom doesn't start


I’d like to find out, if this is a known issue with Zoom?
Chrome on iPhone automatically closes the Zoom URL tab after ~ 2 sec, and Zoom doesn’t start.
We’re opening a new tab (var windowReference = window.open()), starting the session via the backend API, then setting the new tab URL (via the windowReference.location = zoom_start_url) to the start URL we get back from Zoom API. This works on desktop (both Safari and Chrome) and in Safari on iPhone (same iPhone as used for testing Chrome, and yes Zoom is installed). But Chrome on iPhone closes the new tab about 0.5 after it starts loading the zoom session URL.

Any ideas?

Hey @tkrevh,

Have not heard of this issue before. Have you googled to see if it is a common iOS chrome issue?


Hey @tommy,

yes I did, unfortunately I found nothing, then came across this:

And it sounds like a similar issue.

Hey @tkrevh,

That issue was fixed in a release last month. See this stack overflow for a possible solution:


Hey! I have the same issue only on iPad Chrome.
In website user has zoom join link(zoom) and when click open this URL in new tab from web application then window is automatically closed after a second.
When I remove next from url “tk=AJAVcOpSqIQni8eBT7xKJ7IBLip71_EIys4UAiWQ9Us.DQEAAAAAGOb1JRY3eHkxcHdlTFNxaUlvZHZ1VnlEZnFRAA” the new tab don’t close automatically.
In other devices and browsers everything work fine.
And when I simply insert this link in browser everything work. Also when I removed target="_blank" it works to.

Thanks for the details @yurii.savchuk,

I will pass this on to our engineers to investigate. (ZOOM-162206)


Hey @yurii.savchuk,

We were not able to reproduce this issue. Please try iPad Safari instead.


Hey @tkrevh, @yurii.savchuk,

We were able to reproduce the issue.

The issue is caused by iOS Chrome’s behavior of closing the page after it attempts to launch native app via url scheme, if it’s a new tab opened by another page

For now, there are two workarounds that will stop the page from being auto closed:

  • Long press the link, copy the url, open a new tab, paste and navigate
  • Remove the `target=”_blank” on the meeting link, and let the meeting page replace current page when clicked.

The expected fix is currently slated to be released in late July.