Zoom Test Page


I would like to create a test page similar to zoom.us/test where a new random meeting ID opens each time. However, I want it to be on our account enabled with automatic cloud recording so we can receive recordings of our user’s tests… Is there a fairly straightforward way to replicate the Zoom test with some added functionality on our account? Or do you have any sample Javscript for this?


Hi Josh, first of all, sorry for responding late. Our evangelist team usually get notifications of new posts but we missed it. We have asked the admin to investigate.

To your question - it’s fairly straightforward to replicate that function using our REST endpoints. I’m sure you would have looked through our APIs. you can just create a new instant meeting (through the API) on your account every time your users start a test.   Enable push notification and provision your end point URL where you will get a call back from our platform when the meeting ends or recording available. You can now access or download the recording.

One caveat to note: you will not be able to set start auto recording in the createmeeting API. This is configured in the user profiles (you can manage this again through our create or update user API). We are adding a new feature in our next release where you will be able to specify this in the createmeeting API itself.

Other than that, happy coding and do let us know if you have further questions.