Zoom Update and Delete Meeting


i want to Update or Delete all occurrences meetings from Update and Delete API respectively. How it would be done through these APIs (which parameters is being used for these actions).



Hi Ali, 

You can delete all occurrences for meetings using the https://zoom.github.io/api/#delete-a-meeting and the occurrence_id parameter. We do not have a parameter for update meetings. 



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i am trying to integrate the ZOOM Meeting with our web app using OAUTH . 

when i saw the Meeting API (v2) in the above link , i could not get a details of the 

api call and  the format needed to be used with the api call  . 


for ex : i have seen an meeting API 


but i dont know what is the params to be used , or the body params or the

Headers to used .

Even i am facing the same problem as him …

Give me the Explanation as soon as possible 


You need to use a DELETE HTTP request and then fill in the meeting id to complete the endpoint with your normal authentication headers. If you provide an occurence query param, then you will delete that specific occurence. 


If you want to delete all of them you will need to put the occurrence IDs into a group and delete them one by one using separate calls for each occurrence. 

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