Zoom Use Case - API Question!

I have a tutoring website where 100,000+ tutors can discuss with 100,000+ students in real time, and I want to see if Zoom’s web API supports this.

(1) Is it possible to create 100,000+ concurrent Zoom meetings on my website? How expensive will this be?

Hey @machinelearningking, thanks for posting! You would have two options:

  1. Provide the meeting/account licenses for your users as an API Partner in coordination with our ISV team (isv@zoom.us). This could either be pricing based on the number of licenses, or usage (minutes-based pricing).

  2. Allow your users to use their own Zoom accounts to host meetings through your platform. You could Publish an App on the Marketplace, which would give a public app listed for users to give authorization to create & manage meetings on their behalf.

In either way, you could use the Web SDK to host these meetings on your website or let these meetings happen within any Zoom client.