Zoom User Downgrade via API

API Endpoint:

We use the zoom meetings api in order to downgrade a user’s meeting license from pro to basic when they are not using their assigned license for a period of time. This has worked well until Zoom One came out and we switched to the Zoom One license type. Now when we downgrade a user to basic, they are losing their phone license and number, and the api does not provide a type for basic+phone

Hi @jauth
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Allow me some time to do some testing on my end about this issue and also to look into our internal Docs to see if this is a known issue.
I will come back to you with an update shortly.


Hi @jauth
I was able to look closer into this issue and it looks like what you are trying to do is not possible with the license that you have since it is a bundled license (meeting and phone)

If you are doing this for inactivity deactivation I would suggest you monitoring inactivity in both products and deactivating licenses accordingly.