Creating meeting via API for multiple licences

Dear All,

We have 10 Zoom Licenses and we want to create meetings via API for each license. But when we are creating meetings via API using Meeting SDK, It’s using only one main license only and we are unable to use other licenses for meetings creations via APIs. Our 9 other licenses are not in use. please suggest how to create it.

Hi @ignitepad ,
You should use “userId” instead of the “me” in endpoint, “userId” can be id or email of your 10 Licenses
Meeting 1: endpoint: /users/
Meeting 2: endpoint: /users/,… instead of the “me” in endpoint is mail of your 10 Licenses

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Thanks for chiming in @minhbn

@ignitepad have you tried passing the email of the users under your account as @minhbn suggested?

Thanks, @elisa.zoom, and @minhbn for the suggestion, I’ve shared the inputs with my developer, let me check on that and get back to you with the update.

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