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Hi, I am using Zoom Video SDK(Latest version at date)/React Demo Project. I have attached screenshot of errors. On my local environment Grid View is working fine but when i deploy it to any server tried (aws amplify, firebase hosting) Live Session cause issues.
I dug deeper and found out on live environment there is bit called isSupportGalleryView becomes false, while on local environment it is true, which causes live environment to use component VideoSingle. So what I did is, I commented out the logic:

{/* <Route path="/video" component={isSupportGalleryView ? Video : VideoSingle} /> */}


<Route path="/video" component={Video} />

Everything should work fine now right? Well sadly it got worse from here. Now Grid view does work but it is rendering out one video stream in background of those Avatars.

:exploding_head: Dang it right? wait There is more

Which Web Video SDK version?
"@zoom/videosdk": "^1.1.4"

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to ’ Zipclass Live Session (zoomvsdk.web.app)
  2. Click on ‘Start Camera’
  3. See error

Device (please complete the following information):

Hey @mianmuneebajaz

Thanks for your feedback.

In Video SDK, we use SharedArrayBuffer to share data between worker and main thread, starting from Chrome 92, SharedArrayBuffer can only be accessible in isolated mode. In the local environment, we have added the CORP-related headers in the webpack devserver configuration, but in the production environment, you should do it by yourself. You can refer to this article for the detail https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/web/advanced/web-isolation.


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Hi @vic.yang,
This(Cross Origin Trials) actually did resolved the issue on

  1. Chrome(windows)
  2. Edge(Windows)

But, other browsers(listed below) still have same issue for multiple streaming

  1. Firefox (Windows)
  2. Chrome(Mac)
  3. Any android/IOS Browser
  4. Safari/any browser in Mac

On Zoom Web Video SDK documentation page it clearly says that Chrome is supported. But in our testing results are not quite the same. Chrome Browser installed on (IOS/Android/Mac) did not worked/shown same results I have previously attached.

We are on version(1.1.5) and using https://source.zoom.us/videosdk/1.1.5/lib to initialize SDK.

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Hey @mianmuneebajaz ,

Multiple video streams (Gallery View) are only supported in Chrome and Edge.

In Safari and Firefox, only one active video (speaker and self view) is supported at this time.

Mobile Browsers are not supported yet: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/video/web#browser-support


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