Zoom Video Sdk Local Recording

Does the Video SDK version 1.10.1 (plan-> Pay as you go) for the web support local recording?
If so, how can I activate this feature?
If not, do you have alternative solutions available, preferably with relevant links?

Hey @krunalrgupta15,

Video SDK doesn’t support local recording on web as of now. You can use Cloud Recording instead. Here’s the doc: Video SDK - web - Cloud recording.

Thanks for replying.
If possible can you provide any other solution

And one more question
Is cloud recording provide the ‘transcript’ and ‘mp4’ files separately or combined in response ??

And separately can we call two api calls concurrently for ‘transcript’ files and ‘audio’ files


Zoom Video SDK Cloud Recording supports Video and Audio (alongside Chat). You can find more details about them here: Video SDK - web - Cloud recording
For example: you’ll get an M4A file if it’s an audio only recording, or an MP4 file if it’s a Video recording.

Transcription is a separate feature, you can find more details here: Video SDK - web - Live transcription and translation
You can use the getFullTranscriptionHistory method on the SDK to get the full records of live transcription after you’ve followed the steps to set it up.

If you have other questions, please open a new thread, thank you.

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