Video SDK Features


  1. Whether Language Interpreter is available?
  2. Whether Local Recording is available?
    3 Gallery View ?
  3. Whether webinar can be done?

Hi @rameshpillai007,

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The Video SDK is purely for you to create your own video/audio chat experiences. Features such as ‘Language Interpreter’ and webinars are something that you would implement yourself. See a comparison of both SDKs here.

Local recording isn’t supported by the Video SDK.

Instead, if you want to use Zoom’s built-in features such as webinars, gallery view, local recording, you should instead opt for the Zoom Client SDK.


Thanks Alex for the update.

In Zoom Client SDK, I count not find these feature, can you please give a reference for the below.
1.local recording how its done
2.Language Interpreter how its done
3. Is it possible have to make a webinar of 1000+ participants

Please update on the above.

Hey @rameshpillai007 , I am happy to help answer your questions! :slight_smile:

The Web Client SDK does not have the local recording feature because it is browser based. The Web Client SDK does work with cloud recording. :slight_smile:

This feature is coming soon, stay tuned here:

If your plan allows, then yes, you can have as many Webinar attendees with the Web Client SDK.

Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks @alexmayo for your answers too!


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Hi @tommy ,

Thanks for the update and giving clarity over my queries.

Some more doubts In Zoom Client SDK

  1. In Create Meeting API is there any setting flag available to disable rename option to participants or to all participants to that meeting ID include host.
    2.UI or Css level customize option is available.

Please update on this

Hey @rameshpillai007,

Good questions!

While we don’t have a parameter in the Create a Meeting API, you can set and lock this in your Account Settings:

The currently version of the Web SDK does not support UI/CSS customizations but we plan to support this in a future release.


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