Zoom Web SDK affected due to Web Client maintenance

I am getting this error while joining webinar with WebSDK 1.7.4:

“The service is temporarily”

after update, after the host admits someone, this person automatically leave the meeting and receives this message

if helps on console is writting “dddddddddddddd resetWebclient”…

im getting this after the host admits someone

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I have the same problem too. Always report “The service is temporarily” error

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Hey @giovanni.cuce, @james.tubman, @pedro.zumpano, @michal.olczak,

Please create new threads with the title being the issue/error so people with the same issue can track easier.


created this tokic to trace this error…

webEndpoint: ‘www.zoom.us’,

work for me

Hi Everyone,

There is an ongoing issue with the Meeting IDs for certain accounts using the WebSDK. We have more information posted here - Developer impacting changes during COVID-19.
As soon as the issue is resolved, I’ll follow up here.