Developer impacting changes during COVID-19

Developer impacting changes during COVID-19

What does this mean?

During these tough times, we are seeing a massive increase in demand for our services. To continue serving our incredible services to our customers and developers, we may be making changes rapidly. Most of these changes will be temporary but we will make sure to note that below.

This is an open thread, and we welcome all feedback below.

List of developer impacting changes

Change Summary Date Changed Temporary
JWT Token invalid error We are aware of the Invalid access token. when using a JWT Token to call the Zoom APIs. Our engineering team is working on fixing this issue and we will update the status here once the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience. 4/6/2020 Yes
Create JWT App Error (FIXED) We are aware of the api_credentials_not_found error being caused while users are attempting to create a new JWT app. Our engineering team is working on fixing this issue and we will update the status here once the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience. 4/5/2020 Yes
Recent API Backward Incompatible Changes To ensure reliability of our service, we have made some backward incompatible changes in our APIs in accordance to the changes in our product. The these changes will take effect starting April 03, 2020, unless otherwise noted. For more details you can visit our Developer Announcement page and Changelog page 4/3/2020 No
Zoom Web SDK affected due to maintenance We continue to work around the clock on the Zoom Web SDKchanges. A new version will be released very soon. Please be patient while we are working through the changes. Thank you! See workaround. 04/03/2020 Yes
Webhook retry logic is temporarily disabled We will be temporarily disabling the retry logic for all webhooks. This means if the webhook fails to send, or does not receive a 200 OK response from your server, we will not try to send that respective webhook again. 03/18/2020 Yes
Some call logs could be missing from last 7 days The DB table for call logs exceeded the maximum size limit of 10 GB. A new DB table was created on Production since this early morning. 03/25/2020 NA
Sunset of V1 APIs pushed back Due to the recent events of COVID-19 we are extending the life of the v1 APIs and we will be shutting down the Zoom v1 APIs and any associated apps on May 31st 2020. 05/31/2020 NA

Please follow this thread for the latest status updates about the Zoom API Platform.

Zoom Web SDK affected due to Web Client maintenance
Webhook always showing 401 and not sending notifications
Meeting.participant_joined hooks not received
Meeting.participant_* webhooks have stopped
Zoom Web Client is Down
[In Progress] Web SDK / Web Client from browser: 403 Forbidden
Web SDK Host Video and Audio Cross Browser
ReferenceError: window is not defined
Zoom SDK Web hide API key and Secret
Content Securty Policy
Occasionally See Black Screen When Sharing Desktop
Negative Values Returned by API
API to start screen sharing, record screen, chat, audio chat
Force username when entering meeting using browser Zoom app
Embed zoom video to a web server
Angular Integration with JS Web SDK
I get the error failing to attend the meeting over the web (urgent)
Getting Error 1
Full participant data for webinars for a user-level OAuth App
Joining fail when system time is few seconds unsynced with internet time in web sdk but works fine from windows app
Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting
Joining meeting timeout
Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again
403 error on web client everywhere (SDK, API, Browser)
Webhook with id
Request For Help | Sample Web App | Available on GIT
JWT with generated token
Body: { code: 200, message: 'You can add max 9999 free users.' } } }
Can not create JWT app
{"code":124,"message":"Invalid access token."} - Postman when calling List users with JWT
Not able to Create JWT Account saying api_credentials_not_found
Trouble with wordpress plugin - invalid access token and error 4700
JWT token with 'other' expiry date not set
Body: { code: 200, message: 'You can add max 9999 free users.' } } }
Web SDK "joining fail"
Web sdk disable modal
Web SDK "joining fail"
Zoom Meeting Custom Ui
Joining Fail with Error Code 1
Web SDK (JWT), Computer Audio, Video, Share Screen not working on local host (unsecured) chrome browser

Thanks for the update! Super appreciated!


You are welcome Matt! :slight_smile:


This is great, really appreciate the proactive messaging :pray:

We’re beyond impressed by the Zoom team during this time. Keep up the great work!


Thanks, @jake1 and @matt, let us know if you need anything from us!


Thanks for the update

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


Can you confirm the previous change relating to webhooks for free accounts is not going ahead?

Hey @jimig,

Yes that is confirmed. We were able to implement another solution.


Has there been added authentication checks for downloading recorded lectures through download links that we get from API? Not able to download the recordings through those links after logging out from zoom.

Didn’t get this, could you please explain?

Thank you

I read your reply on this issue

Thanks for the update :+1:

Is this connected to the COVID situation? Update: Recording download url 403 error

Hey @tommy! Do you know by any chance for how long the Webhook retries are going to be disabled?

Hey @saurabh, @shaharsol,

Possibly related. (ZOOM-146185)

Please see my post here for a work around and move discussion here:


Hey @hsintegration,

We don’t have a date set in stone, but we are working hard to be able to reenable the retries and will keep this thread updated.


Thank you for the update. This is awesome update :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update @tommy! And good luck fixing all the issues!

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