Zoom Web SDK Integration Issue

Hi Zoom,
Today I was trying to integrate zoom in my codeigniter project.But firstly I tried my hands in sample app integration of Web SDK CDN Integration.
I downloaded sample app code from this URL.

I just configure all the things as per the following doc like API Key, Secret key.

Then I opened index.html on my browser and tried to join a meeting using meeting name, meeting number and meeting password. I filled all the required details and clicked on JOIN button.
It took me to the next page but it showed me a meeting timeout error message.

meeting timeout - the meeting number is not found(but I entered correct meeting number)

Which App?


Screenshots (If applicable)

Please try to resolve my this issue asap so as to I can further integrate it in my codeigniter project

Hey @umesh1,

Can you share your Web SDK signature to developersupport@zoom.us so I can debug it?


Hey Tommy,
Finally Zoom Has Been Integrated In My Website.
I was facing timeout issue due to bad internet.
Anyway Thanks For Your Support.

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Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile: