Quality Issues with Meeting SDK


I am a Zoom CSM and posting this on behalf of a customer.

They are reporting quality and performance issues with Windows Meeting SDK, they have developed a client using the SDK that integrates with their HIS system.

I have tried to collect preliminary information and below is their response:

  • Can you share a specific meeting ID that the issue happened? These are Multiple accounts which are being authenticated through hospital information system.

  • When the SDK client faces issues, do the normal Zoom clients in the same meeting face the same issues? No, normal zoom works fine.

  • Does this happen in all SDK client meetings? Or only a few? It has been faced with all clients when used SDK.

They are currently using web meeting, 2.3.5 version. Recently upgraded to this version to resolve video capturing issue.

To clarify, they face issues when they establish zoom session using SDK otherwise it works fine. Through SDK they face delayed audio which goes up till 15seconds minimum and no limit on max as they had to refresh the session, video quality was extremely poor.

support tried to replicate the issue on their end and it seems the delay is normal as the web meeting SDK is using TCP for the audio communication and TCP is connection-oriented and not as fast as UDP protocol. (referring to audio)

Unfortunately, after testing another meeting id, no difference in transmitting audio, the delay is around 10seconds.

Hope you can assist!

Hello Team,

May I follow up on this one? Thank you!

Hi, @janel.ty,

Thank you for posting on the forum. I see you mentioned the developer meet with support, can you share the support ticket? Also, what version of the SDK did the developer upgrade to? And can you clarify whether the developer is having issues with the Windows Meeting SDK or the Web SDK?

Hello @donte.zoom ,
Glad that you got the chance to reply. The customer was initially referred to support under ZD Ticket#15758308. They upgraded to web meeting, 2.3.5 version.
Confirming that they are having issues with WEB SDK.

@janel.ty ,

Thank you for sharing the ticket with me. I will review it carefully and get back to you if necessary. In order to properly diagnose the root cause of the issue, it is usually helpful to provide the problematic meeting IDs and have support review the logs. Without a thorough understanding of the environment, infrastructure, and account configuration, it can be difficult to resolve the issue. It is possible that the issue could be related to the network or a user-agent issue, for example.

In the meantime, the first thing I would suggest is the customer update to the latest SDK. The latest version is V 2.9.5. , which includes many bug fixes that may help resolve the reported behavior. Here is a link to our Zoom Meeting SDK Sample App - Web for reference:

In addition to this, the developer may want to consider improving video and audio quality by selecting data center regions for meetings and webinars. This feature allows the developer to use data centers that are located closest to their user base, which can improve the overall quality of the video and audio. The following link provides information on selecting data center regions for hosted meetings and webinars:

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Hi Guys,

I have upgraded to latest Zoom SDK (Web - 2.9.7) , still facing audio/video lag over internet. However when I connect via zoom meeting url audio/video is fine.

Also data center selection is not available on my profile as I am using a basic account.
kindly assist in this matter.
I am sharing few meeting IDs for reference.

MeetingID: 72480340284,77574060024,72335822491

Munib Mir

Dear Team,

Reminder, Still facing same issue.