Zoom Web SDK Roadmap?

Is there a roadmap for Zoom Web SDK? It would help us align our own product development with Zoom.

There are two features we really need ASAP

  1. Gallery View
  2. Language Interpretation

I saw posts in the forum about Gallery View support planned Q2 but nothing about language interpretation. Right now we have to work arount this issue by using third party tools to mix audio and stream to youtube, but ideally we want to know if there are any plans to implement this or not at all, in which case we might look elsewhere.

When want to know what features are being considered by zoom devs, something like user voice on Microsoft would be ideal

Hey @zoomzoom,

Currently we do not have a public roadmap for the Web SDK other then our upcoming changes page:

For Gallery view we are shooting for Q4, but that is subject to change (CS-498).

Currently no ETA for language interpretation, but it is on the roadmap.