Zoom webClient vs Meeting SDK Client View


Was wondering if the Zoom webClient & Zoom meeting SDK in Client view, where the same / should I except the same quality & features between both as I’m having huge quality difference between both, and not sure if it’s related to my deployment or to the SDK itself.

As example the video feed (webcam & screenShare) is way better on the Zoom webClient than via the meeting SDK, even after enabling ‘SharedArrayBuffer’ (via the implementation of Cross Origin Isolation described here https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/overview/websdk-gallery-view/#implementing-cross-origin-isolation), the video feed won’t reach 720p on the SDK

Was wondering if the issue is with something that I missed on the implementation of the sample Javascript app with the ClientView (hosted on static AWS S3 bucket)

Or if it’s just a limitation of the meeting SDK?

Also was having a issue with video playback over sharescreen on both webClient & meeting SDK with a very low fps, was wondering if there is anything that I can do about that?

Many thanks,

Hi @dare-thomas ,

I’ve just tested meeting sdk web, client view.
Sending and receiving 720 is working fine.

For the FPS issue you are encountering, are you trying to stream a video over the sharescreen functionality?

Thank you @chunsiong.tan!

Could you confirm that Zoom WebClient & the Zoom meeting SDK should be the same solution, sharing the same features & limitations? Or would the Zoom WebClient have additional features/less limitations?

Thanks for your test, it seems that the issue was with my Pro account that didn’t had 720p support enabled :man_facepalming:

But while testing I remarked that my image from coming the SDK (displayed on the left) seems to be a bit deformed / different than the one shown in the WC, any idea?

I followed this 2 guide to setup the SDK:
GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-javascript-sample: Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in a JavaScript App → deployed on a S3 Bucket with CloudFront

Here is the test instance that I’m using : https://d3uvnlexo5n8ao.cloudfront.net/

Yes exactly, it’s working perfectly via the desktop client, but very lagging / low FPS over webClient or Meeting SDK

Many thanks for your time & help