Zoom WebHook with PowerAutomate


I am working on a Zoom Webhook for Presence. This end of the work is set up and is working properly. I am able to test this by populating a Google Sheet with Presence data.

I need to migrate this to either a LogicApp or PowerApp so I went the PowerApp route but am having some problems with the initial JSON response it needs as all of my calls just get the 401 error.

“responseData”: {
“error”: {
“code”: “DirectApiRequestHasMoreThanOneAuthorization”,
“message”: “The request has both SAS authentication scheme and ‘JCKRqM02RsG6BBAPAl83RA’ authorization scheme. Only one scheme should be used.”

My guess is I need to pass the Secret in the body in PowerAutomate under requested JSON Body Schema, but can’t find the format for that JSON in the Dev Site (probably missing it).

ANyone every try to do this?

Hi @a-sschuster , did you end up figuring this out? The error is coming from PowerApp, was there anything you needed to do to get PowerApp able to receive/validate Zoom webhook events?

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