Webhooks and Microsoft Power Automate (orig. MS Flow)

I need help in using MS Power Automate to parse data from a Webhook app in Zoom. It appears I have everything configured, but I am getting a 401 error. Based on comments from other forums there was some question about the URI encoding of the URL provided by Microsoft as the webhook endpoint, but I resolved those issues (I believe)

Webhook Log:
responseData: {
error: {
code: “DirectApiRequestHasMoreThanOneAuthorization”,
message: “The request has both SAS authentication scheme and ‘XXXXXXXXXXXX’
authorization scheme. Only one scheme should be used.”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
MS Power Automate

Removing the sig token results in the following error:
responseData: {

error: {

code: “DirectApiInvalidAuthorizationScheme”,

message: “The provided authentication token is not valid. Only ‘basic’ or ‘bearer’ type of token is supported.”

and this error on the Power Automate URL side: {“error”:{“code”:“DirectApiAuthorizationRequired”,“message”:“The request must be authenticated only by Shared Access scheme.”}}

Some Solutions:
I found a blog on the following site for a different service that had the ability to turn off the Bearer Token that seems to relate to this issue:

I changed directions and used AWS to create a lambda function as a connector/translator between webhook JSON formats. I tried a couple other things on the MIcrosoft Power Automate end and found another forum discussing the topic, but ultimately AWS proved to be easier to implement.

Glad you found a solution @mkumar05!

So just to share if anyone digs into this issue and wants to see some sample code of Webhook event notifications posting to a Slack Channel, I have my code posted here:
https://github.com/mkumar-avit/zoom-slack-webhook]. (though the coding style may need some work).

Thanks @mkumar05! :slight_smile: