Zoom webhooks are not getting triggered for sub account

In our setup, we have a Master Zoom Account with 14 associated sub-accounts. We’ve developed a webhook-only application within the Master account and successfully validated the endpoint URL.

We’ve configured the application to listen for the “Meeting Created” event, and it’s functioning correctly when meetings are created from the Master account
We can see logs indicating that the webhook is hitting our API endpoint as expected.

However, the issue arises when meetings are created from any of the child accounts. In this scenario, the webhook does not seem to be hitting our API endpoint. We’re seeking assistance to troubleshoot and resolve this discrepancy in webhook behavior between the Master and child accounts.

Any insights or guidance on how to ensure webhooks work consistently across both types of accounts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @hi.growthschool.io ,

In the Features tab you have selected to receive events from All users in the account and subacconts?

Hey Gianni

Here is the documentation reference i have followed - Using webhooks

i have gone through the above discussion before posting here , i am not getting that option attaching the screenshot below for reference

the option you have mentioned above comes when creating an app by clicking on develop → build app in this flow but this requires all the technical details , oauth redirection urls and more for a simple webhook setup

earlier i have created the same webhook app by creating webhook only app which now can be created by navigating to develop → Build Legacy app

here i am not getting the above setting you are referring to but documentation still suggests this approach.