Zoom webinar as iframe without registration and login and user should have no control i want to share just video and audio

how to reginrate
install node
install npm
install latest angular
ng new anyappname
npm install jquery – save

“scripts”: [

npm install @zoomus/websdk --save
import { ZoomMtg } from ‘@zoomus/websdk’;


and then rest of config these are exaclty 14 error reported by react-dom i think

here are my log

Hey @khizar.zech,

Double check you have the following object in your angular.json file:


yes it started working
I was missing these Hey @tommy thanks man

One more thing I want to receive notification via zoom web-hook yesterday I was doing rnd but could not have figure out if you know any JavaScript example or .net example code please share with me I have subscribe to the event first I have to test them locally but it not seems possible for me and in rnd I found I need some kind of tunneling to test web-hooks locally.

this was my thinking I don’t know if I was thinking right
I have setup endpoints as

and set it up on a dummy server here for these endpoints

and here is screen shot of zoom event and link to callback

Hey @khizar.zech,

Happy to hear you got the Angular Sample App working! :slight_smile:

Checkout our sample webhook app:


Thanks @tommy
is there any way to improve webinar video quality or any setting or any other plan …?
kindly guide me on this the video quality is ok but not what we are looking for

Hi @khizar.zech

You can go to your profile settings and enabled Group HD Video. Keep in mind that the WebSDK supports 360p for send video but can view video in 720p.


Hi @Michael_Purnell @tommy Thanks guys

Its working fine on localhost but its not working when we push to server.
Also no error are showing in console

Hey @khizar.zech,

Is your site served via https?

Also, are you able to log anything to see if the init and join functions are being called?


Sorry to disturb you guys we dint update version on server that was the reason
Again Thanks Man !


@tommy @Michael_Purnell
I thank you enough that you have guided me a lot here
I have made a whole video on zoom integration kindly would you care to share it with zoom community
In this week I will make video on customization of ui using just css
Here is the link


Thank you @khizar.zech! :slight_smile:



Hi @tommy, @Michael_Purnell

Q1. Kindly guide me how to destroy zoom sdk on same page on meeting end , so we can show other stuff on page after meeting end

Q2. Zoom cloud save two file one is mp 4 and other is .m4a why these files are separate and can we have option to have single file in cloud.

Q3. Zoom cloud can save different part of webinar let say a webinar started and ended after 30 min and after 5 min we again start this webinar now in recording we will have two part of recording , can we have single file for whole webinar .

Q4: Join audio by computer to automate this process I was using this fix but its not working can you guide me how to automate this button image

Q5: How to get number of webinar joiner (means as host can see how many participant is there in webinar but I want to use that number else where )

Q6: How to end webinar if host doesn’t click on end meeting (I have tried changing the password it doesn’t work ) Is there any way from api or any way to end meeting without host

Thanks will be waiting for you answers thanks again

kindly reply to these questions

Hey @khizar.zech,

Use the leaveUrl which takes the user to a new page after the meeting ends.

Please see the different cloud recording file types here:

You can turn them on and off.

This is intended functionality, if you start and stop and start and stop recording, you will have 2 seperate recording files. You could write a program to combine them.

Currently we don’t support emulating user clicks to join audio due to privacy. You can however limit the join audio options the user can choose from in your settings.


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Hello All, can anyone help me to how I can do Livestream of Zoom meetings on Angular webpage?

Thanks, @tommy your awsome! :smiley:

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@sufalamtech check this video may it can help you

Hey @sufalamtech,

Please post this in a new topic with more info so we can understand what you are asking.


Hey @khizar.zech,

You are awesome! This is great, thanks! :slight_smile:


Your main site login not working check it out its working on incognito