Zoom webinar Reports API is giving only users first in/out in attendance report

Hello Zoom,

We faced an issue yesterday for Webinar attendance report.
We got wrong data from zoom. Attendance only has all users only first in/out time though he joined back the session after some time.
Previoulsy it used to work good.

Which Endpoint/s?
We are following API for getting attendnce

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. create a webinar, start it.
  2. make different users intermittently join and leave webinar,
  3. try to get the attendance report

You willl be getting all users only first in/out time in the report.

Hi @admin-techlearn.live

How was it working previously for you please and when was the last time before yesterday you queried this endpoint?

We also have these two webhooks that could provide the data you’re seeking"

Thank you,

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