Webinar Attendance details

I want to get the attendance of every participant who attended the webinar, such that based on my duration threshold, I will generate a certificate for that candidate. For that purpose i want to use this endpoint

We are on a pro - plan. so, we are eligible to use this API
The problem is like, I am unable to get the info immediately, I want to know after how much time after ending of webinar, I am able to retrieve this information. In our scenario both students and host are using the WEB SDK only, to join or host a webinar.

Web SDK version 1.9.1

Do I need to run any CRON job after the webinar ends. The main concern is like how I will come to know that my attendance report for a webinar is ready , is there any some sort of web-hook kind of a thing, Please guide me in the right direction.


Hi @vasanth,

This API will need to be called after the webinar has ended. It can take a little bit of time for the report to be generated as well—you may want to wait a minute or two after the meeting until you call this endpoint.

If you need to know when a webinar ends, you can also leverage our Webhook:


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