Zoom Webinar URL Scheme to prevent redirects from client application

It’s a big problem for our client that launching a zoom webinar via the supplied “join_urls” necessitates a redirect to the zoom launch page away from their application. There are multiple mini-webinars to attend over the course of the day, and it’s important for the attendee to remain in place and logged into the client’s application, not least from a security perspective.

I’ve spoken with colleagues in the industry, and they all voiced the same frustration: being forced to leave the application we’re integrating with zoom webinars is a huge issue, and highly disorientating for the end-user.


I see there are URL schemes for Meetings - Zoom Client URL Schemes - Guides - Documentation. Can there please be a webinar equivalent? We have access to all the relevant Attendee data from the API, so we can even pre-authorise on behalf of the attended, and include an access token with the inbound link.


The default redirect page after the webinar finishes is also problematic: If the Zoom API provided the ability to customise it per attendee with query string parameters from the “cusom_questions” array, then at least we could redirect with intelligence and load that attendee’s data and put them back where they were in terms of state within our application

Alternatives we’ve tried:

We’ve tried opening the “join_urls” feature in an iFrame, and that works well for browser on desktop. But mobile blocks this with with cross origin from the Zoom page’s JS library - we can’t get around it.