Post-attendee URL with Client URL Schemes (Deep Linking)

We are integrating deep linking to our Android and iOS apps to start the Zoom app for a specific meeting. We’re following Zoom Client URL Schemes

We need meeting-end callback to perform some tasks. I came across Post-attendee URL and wish to know whether this is valid for Deep Linking also? If yes, how we can add it to URL Schemes? If not, what is the best way to get the required callback?

Awaiting your reply with a possible solution.

Manish Dhanani

Hi @manish_dhanani,

The Post-Attendee URL is intended to redirect users to a designated URL after a meeting concludes. This URL must be designated by you and does not explicitly support deep linking—to ensure a participant will be redirected to the post-attendee URL, they need to join the meeting or webinar by clicking the join link, and leaving the launching page open in their browser.

While it’s a great suggestion to have deep linking capabilities for this in conjunction with native apps, this is not currently supported. You might, however, consider posting this as a feature request here: #feature-requests.


Hi @will.zoom

Thanks a lot for the timely reply and for sharing the details.

Our primary requirement is calling one of the end-point of our server on completion of the meeting. So I wish to know whether Post-attendee URL is perfect for this purpose or there is a better way to achieve this?

Also, we need to call this URL, only for the host, when they will end the meeting. Is this possible?

Please note, we are using Zoom Client URL Schemes to launch the installed Zoom app for meetings.

Manish Dhanani

Hey @manish_dhanani,

At the moment, it’s not possible to customize the post-attendee URL in the way you’re describing. Currently, it will only be able to call the URL you provide from the browser page that opens when an attendee uses the join link initially:

If they do not keep this browser window open (on either mobile or desktop browser), they will not see the redirect (which happens 5 seconds after meeting end—the initial browser join window reloads to the redirect url).

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if you still have questions.


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