Zoom window blacks out when there is a network activity in background

I use Zoom Web SDK for the project with my client. The app includes video calling, so we decided to go for zoom. Zoom meeting window is found at specific route. This routes hosts a custom-made component called ZoomContainer. When the component is loaded, the Zoom meeting windows for a meeting is loaded. Everything looks good until there is a network activity in the background of the app. How can I fix this and what causes this activity?

Zoom meeting window goes all black when network activity happens while meeting is loaded. For example, if I make a call to any API while meeting is loaded, it blacks out. All commands and images disappear. There is only a black screen instead of Zoom. I need to use web socket in parallel with Zoom meeting, so this is not acceptable behaviour.

Which version?
1.7.7 and 1.7.9
To Reproduce(If applicable)
Not possible. I am not allowed to share the repository.


Hey @nedzad.hafizovic, welcome to the developer forum! :slight_smile:

Strange! Are there any errors in the browser console?


Hi @tommy! I found the reason for this happening. It was in the way the Zoom SDK was initialized with React. Thanks anyway.

/ Nedzad

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Hey @nedzad.hafizovic,

Happy to hear you figured it out! :slight_smile:


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