ZoomMtg.init({ leaveUrl: "about:blank", ...}) causes exception from v3.1.0

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Web 3.1.0 - 3.1.2

Using a leaveUrl value of "about:blank" worked in v2.18.2.
Since v3.1.0 it fails with an exception.


Uncaught DOMException: Failed to set the 'href' property on 'Location': 'https://about:blank' is not a valid URL.
    at https://source.zoom.us/zoom-meeting-3.1.2.min.js:2:307760
    at i (https://us02st1.zoom.us/web_client_whiteboard/lq6z1k7k/dist/js/whiteboard-sdk.js:44:1017162)

@tommy Any chance of getting this bug introduced in 3.1.0 fixed?

Bumping to try to get this bug resolved…

FYI this is still a bug in the newly released version 3.1.4 which fixed another bug related to leaveUrl: " LeaveUrl didn’t allow HTTP redirects."

This is still an issue in 3.1.6.

This is still an issue in 3.5.1.

Still an issue in 3.5.2.

Still an issue in 3.6.0.

Still an issue in 3.6.1.

Still an issue in 3.7.0.

Still an issue in 3.8.0.