ZoomMtg.inviteCRCDevice supported?

Is ZoomMtg.inviteCRCDevice currently supported in the Web SDK?

The most recent forum post (Aug '20 from yosuke.sawamura) says it is is “still under preparation” but the ChangeLog for v1.7.8 5/26/2020 says “Added support for inviting h323 devices to join meetings.”

Is the “ip” property restricted to a IPv4 address or can it contain a proper dial string?

Also, what is the definition of the “type” property?

Hey @cfh,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. My understanding is that as part of the invite the IP will be used to generate the proper string. I’m not positive on what the type field expects though.

I reached out to an internal resource to confirm these details and let you know what I hear. (ZOOM-335870)


Please do let me know what you hear. I would hope that ZoomMtg.inviteCRCDevice would take more than just the IP address. In many cases the IP address alone is not sufficient to uniquely identify the target device. SIP addresses are usually of the form nnnnnnnnnn@ip_address. For instance in the Windows SDK CallOutH323() uses the IH323Device class which contains a name and E.164 number as well as an IP address.

Hey @cfh,

Thanks for adding some context there, that’s helpful. I haven’t heard back from our team yet so I’ve followed up with them. I’ll let you know what I hear.


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Yes we support it.

you can direct use invite dialog. or call API invite CRC device.


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