zoomSdk.toggleParticipantMediaAudio not working properly


Calling this function according to the documentation does not properly mute and unmute participants. It only mutes and unmutes everyone sans host.

In the documentation it specifies to populate the “participants” array with participantUUIDs however doing this does not work and triggers a console “deprecated” error.


zoomSdk.toggleParticipantMediaAudio( {// (host/cohost)
  "audio": true | false
  .then(function(response) => {})
  .catch(function(error) => {
           // handle error

When populating this with the deprecated participantId it works as expected.

Steps to repro:

  1. Create meeting with at least two users.
  2. As a host, open zoom app that has the ability to mute a specific user.
  3. Mute a specific user by calling the toggleParticipantMediaAudio function with that specified users participantUUID.

Expected result

It will confirm to mute the specific user

Actual result

It displays a message to mute ALL users.


My best guess is that there should be a property participantUUIDs in line with other methods.

Something like:

zoomSdk.toggleParticipantMediaAudio( {// (host/cohost)

to do this api call however looking in the zoomapps source code shows this property to note exist.

Can you please confirm if this is a bug and if so when a fix may be implemented? Thanks!

Hi @jonathan.crockett thanks for reporting it.

I am able to reproduce it. It’s a bug in SDK and docs are also misleading. We will fix it in an up coming release.


Ok thank you for your quick response!

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