setUserMediaAudio and setUserMediaVideo not documented

The documentation for these functions is missing from the Zoom Apps SDK reference. Can you please advise how to use these functions? Thanks!

Did you see these APIs part of marketplace build flow? Yes, these are not part of the SDK because there is still some working going on. We will add them to documentation as we update Apps SDK with these new APIs. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the info @narmadaravali.

A warning is returned in the console when I call toggleParticipantMediaAudio() on the current participant in meeting (myself) recommends to use setUserMediaAudio function for this purpose.

setUserMediaAudio and setUserMediaVideo are also api permissions listed in the marketplace app under the Features > Zoom App SDK.

I have a couple suggestions.
Update toggleParticipantMediaAudio() to apply all participants including the user calling the function (self). Since the user calling the function is also a participant this would be what one would expect from this function. This will make the code doing these functions simpler because currently I will have to check to see if the user is the current one and do a conditional.

In the Zoom App SDK API method toggle screen:
Add a note next to functions/events that are not yet implemented with some note indicating that it is a canary feature. This will help inform developers from trying to use functions that are not yet available.


Thanks for your feedback on this!