Zp-call-recording-completed-event webhook not firing

zp-call-recording-completed-event not firing on Zoom Phone Smart embed.

After a call is completed, the recording completed event should get fired. It was being fired 2 weeks ago. Other events are being fired correctly, like zp-call-ringing-event and zp-call-log-completed-event. I am also unable to access the recordings on Zoom app. The recording is set to mandatory when a call is made. Is there a setting which needs to be changed to achieve the recording event to fire? What needs to be done?

@topline ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Do you experience this issue every time a call ends or just occasionally? Can you also share how long are the recordings and how long do you wait for them to be completed? The delay might be due to the time it takes to process the recording, which could cause the event to fire later.

Thank you for your response.
The recording is generally 20-30 seconds long. I am using this only for testing purposes. I am experiencing the issue on every call made so far. Ideally, I wait for 5-10 minutes for the event to fire. Also, I am unable to see the recording on Zoom App as well. Recording is being done for every call, as I have made it mandatory to record every call through the Zoom dashboard on web.