Phone Call Queue Webhook event would be awesome!

Hi Team Zoom,

We are successfully using this phone.recording_completed webhook. It is working as expected for calls other than those inbound calls that go through a Call Queue.

Our issue specifically relates to call recordings that come from a Call Queue. It appears that those phone recordings do not flow through this existing webhook. In the absence of Call Queue data flowing through this webhook, we will need to wrestle our way through the call queue API - which will be an inefficient way for us to get at that recent Call Queue Recording item (Webhooks are great/preferable for us as we can just integrate the relevant event data as it flows through in close to real time)

We would love to see either the Call Queue Recordings flow through the existing phone.recording_completed webhook or have another webhook for the Call Queue Recording Completed event).

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!



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