ZR CLI: Invite participant using jID


I’ve been using some of the ZR CLI features and ran across the invitation command: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/zoom-rooms/zoom-rooms-cli/zCommands#zcommand-invite

So this one requires jID of each user to, basically, call participants and make them join the meeting, got a couple of questions about this:

  • Is jID just an internal identifier, available only within a phonebook? If it’s not only a phonebook identifier - is there an alternative way of jID retrieval?

  • There’s a feature of calling Zoom Rooms to Zoom Rooms using phonebook entries. Does this work similarly to “invite jID”, since it seems that PMI has to be still started first (which is done automatically)

  • Auto answering feature listed here (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/204675349-Auto-Answer-For-Zoom-Rooms) covers Zoom Rooms <> Zoom Rooms calls only?

  • Is there any other identifier for the Zoom Rooms that can be used in order to invite it to another meeting (supposedly another ZR’s PMI), similarly to “invite jID”, or in this case external Zoom Rooms participant has to initiate join from 2nd ZR’s side?

Thank you!

Hi @maksym.rossiitsev,

I’m working on clarifying these points for you. (ZOOM-213403)

I’ll be in touch!

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