2.3.0 - Screen share resulting in no video & no audio

When a host start to do screen sharing, the target participant get a black screen on Zoom UI, resulting in no video and no audio. When this is happening, there are several clear javascript error reported from the browser, especially one given below.
The host also loose the audio on his side.

What “black screen” means: no more video, sometime no more audio as well, all Zoom UI elements are gone. (looks very similar to the already reported issue when clicking on the participant button, triggering the Zoom web SDK to destroy itself.

This is happening only when the screen share is initiated from a user being on a Chromebox (Chrome OS). We did not try with Chrome books yet.

Please check the additional information section as we share a potential cause with you.

Browser Console Error
On the target participant side where the issue happen, here is the javascript issue

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
2.3.0 (only)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
This is not 100% reproducible, but happen really frequently, enough to be a critical issue for our business.
We are still investigating to put the finger on how to reproduce it in our application. Seems to be a combination of different things.

The host (instructor) setup:

The target participant (client) setup:

Additional context

The client setup does not matter, all platform & chrome browser version are affected.

The issue might be more on the instructor side, triggering something on the client side that is also incorrect and provoke this issue.

On the chrome box logs of the host, we also found one particular log that happens all the time this issue occurs.

If there are no javascript error on the host side, this might be the hint about the reason why the host loose the audio as well, potentially a cascading effect of what’s happening on the other participant side.

To summarize our understanding of the issue for now:

  • The host initiate the screen share, triggering an issue on the other participant side.
  • The other participant get the javascript error mentioned above and loose both video & audio, triggering another effect on the host side.
  • The host side get big delays on the other participant audio, resulting in loosing the audio as well.

So it’s seems to be all about this javascript error on the other participant side. This is new and we did not change anything recently on our application than upgrading to the newest web SDK. So we are wondering if:

  • This is coming from the new changes included in the SDK 2.3.0 (in addition to the chrome 100 fix)
  • This is coming from the provided workaround to fix the SDK 2.3.0 itself when using ReactJS. As a reminder the workaround is to import the React library from Zoom CDN directly into our application pages while it’s also already included into the compiled NPM sources of our application. Could this lead to a conflict resulting in this javascript issue ?
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Support ticket for the follow up

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