[2.4.0+] Cannot start video - SDK fails to load /av/vb-resources/tf.min.js when not using zoom CDN

We are packaging zoom SDK resources by ourselves on our application, serving it from our CDN.

We are then using this instruction to tell to the SDK where to find its resources.

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(libPath, '/av');

With the newer version of the SDK, the 2.4.0, it seems that new scripts has been introduce in this folder & sub folders, and the SDK try to load it when it initialize / join a meeting.

Unfortunately, it seems that it try to resolve it in a different way that it resolves the other resources, as a local resources and not a hosted one.
The compiled URL do not contains the hostname part nor the protocol - at least on the logs.

I verified and the resources are correctly packaged and available. (see second screenshot)

The consequence is that the video button cannot be clicked and do nothing after the meeting is fully loaded. I guess this button actions are initialized only after that the video component is fully initialized and running, which is not the case due to the mentioned error.

Browser Console Error

The resources is available at the same place as usual as all others loaded by the SDK:

Consequence: cannot click on video button, it does nothing

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
You need to package zoom resources in your app, not using Zoom CDN.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Any device, any OS, any browser since this is an SDK resource load issue.

In the current state, the Zoom SDK 2.4.0 is just unusable. Could you please investigate that matter as a priority and deliver a patch before the SDK 2.5.0 ?
PS: we are using the NPM package, so you’ll need to have a 2.4.1 for the fix, we cannot switch on the CDN packages.

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Sorry, forgot to copy part of the snippet code initializing the SDK.

Here we are:

This has always worked, using the current hostname by default to happen it to the URL.

But on your documentation, i can see now that you reffers to a global URL

On this new version of the SDK, did you change the way it loads the resources from custom location ?

Changing the custom location by including the hostname fix the situation.

Changing back as it was before, all other resources are being loaded correctly by the web sdk, except that new & specific one.

As an example, the wasm file are correctly loaded, but also all other javascript resources

So, this make me think that you introduced some component in this newer version that is creating a URL object from the custom path without resolving/adding the hostname if it’s not already included in the custom path.

Is that assumption correct ? If not, any idea why this is happening ?

We will fix this on our side for now, so that we can continue to validate this 2.4.0.

We will resolve the location by ourselves and set the lib path including it

const libPath = `${window.location.origin}/vendors/zoomus/${sdkVersion}/lib`;

But please, fix the SDK as it seems to have some incompatibility issues between its components to resolve the origin when loading resources.


Any chances this will be addressed in the 2.5.0 ?


UP, this has not been addressed in the 2.4.5

@donte.zoom can you please have a look at this ? Even if we have a way to fix it on our side, there is definitely a bug in the SDK somewhere.

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