Webhook response from different apps

I have JWT and SDK app with same webhook endpoint url. I have both integration in my website When i join a meeting from jwt or sdk after meeting ends i get two recording response from both apps. what should happen is if i join using jwt only jwt webhook should give response and if join with meeting sdk only sdk webhook should give response. Please give solution of this issue.

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Hey @gauravsharma14118
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
This is actually the expected behavior.
Webhooks are account level which means you will receive a notification to your endpoint about events that occur in a Zoom account in general.
What you can do to differentiate the events you are getting is set different endpoints for each application.

Thanks for the reply @elisa.zoom . issue is not solved yet
I used different endpoints
for jwt => https://sample.co/cron/zoom?secretToken=secretToken
for SDK => https://sample.co/cron/zoomSDK?secretToken=secretToken

when i joined the meeting from jwt. After the meeting ends i am still getting two responses for both Apps.

One more thing even after validating webhook endpoint url. Sometimes after it again gives warning to validate it

Hi @gauravsharma14118
Yes, you will receive the events in both endpoints all the time.
Since these events are account level.