200 No Permission


I am trying to make the below api call
https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/users/{userId}/meetings with parameter “type:pastJoined”.
to get a list of meeting for a user. I am using jwt token to authenticate the request.
But getting ‘{“code”:200,“message”:“No permission”}’ error.
I tried initially using Python code using requests library and then using postman and got the same error.
Any help here?
Since JWT token is common across the account and I am sure the account is a paid one(Business Plan). So not sure why I get this error.

Also note that I dont get an error and get a 200 response when I dont pass the parameter “type:pastJoined”.

Hi there @puneeth.ranganath

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!

This message that you are getting is expected. Right now this feature is still on Beta but allow me some time to ask for an ETA on the GA release.


@elisa.zoom Thanks for your response.

Can you please elaborate why this error is expected? I thought with JWT token we should be able to call all endpoints?
Also what should I be doing to avoid this? Will OAUTH app help here?

Hi @puneeth.ranganath

This is not about an issue with the JWT at all.
What I meant is that the query parameter type: pastJoined is part of a Beta testing project and its not available yet, that is why you are getting that No permission error

@elisa.zoom Ah got it thanks!

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@elisa.zoom Also I have a question regarding the rate limits. Lets say I am accessing the Zoom api to fetch the meeting details etc of my customers(irrespective JWT/OAUTH) - the api rate limits will be applied to the account of my customers right and not to my account? Or is there any limit applied to our service which calls the api on our customer’s behalf?

Hey @puneeth.ranganath
You are right, the api rate limits will be applied to the account that is the owner of their JWT/Oauth authorization!

@elisa.zoom Thanks a lot for confirming.

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