40-minute limitation does not work for SDK App


I am tryint to integrate Zoom Android SDK into my app which should allow users to sign-in and create meetings.

I understand that zoom free license only allows group meetings up to 40-minute.
However, it seems that limitation does not work for my app.

  1. Sign-in with Basic account and create meeting on my app.
  2. Join above meeting from zoom original app
  3. 40 minutes after the meetings starts, the meeting continues EVEN THROUGH the following message appears.
    “This meeting has been upgraded by the host and now includes unlimited minutes.”

The meeting participants and devices are following:

  • host (my app with free account)
    • guest1 (zoom for iOS with free account)
    • guest2 (zoom for Android with free account)
    • guest3 (zoom for Windows with free account)

Why no meeting timed out?
Is it responsibility of the app developer to impliment the 40-minute limit?

Best Regards,

Hi @nona.mimura, thanks for using our SDK.

The 40 minute limit should apply to all meeting with more than 2 people if all accounts are non-licensed. Are you absolutely certain that the account hosting the meeting remained host fro the entire duration and was the free account you expected it to be?